Arts and Music Camps for kids who have artistic mind and heart that beats to rhythm

If your child enjoys acting, drama, music, painting, singing, fine or visual arts or various other performing arts then it is the time that you let your kid be a part of the Plano Summer Arts and Music Camps. Plano Summer Arts and Music Camps are ideal for kids who are looking forward to enjoying their holidays by indulging themselves in arts and music activities.

Plano Arts and Music Camps for Kids

Plano Summer Arts and Music Camps will give your child the freedom to take part in arts and music activities they would love to. A wide range of artistic endeavors will eventually help them nurture their interests and unfold their artistic talent. Activities will surely keep the children engrossed. We will adopt the most integrated approach to execution of programs we hold and willfully immersive campers in more creative and imaginative environment which will keep inspiring them and developing in them more creativity and passion.

Arts Camp ActivitiesPlano-Arts-and-music-Summer-camp

Our studios for various arts activities such as painting, singing, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, handicrafts, photography etc will be open all day for your child. We have talented staff who will nurture their skills, encourage them to be more innovative. We meet every camper at his or her own level.

Children of all ages can be a part of our arts and music camps in Plano which will benefit them in multiple ways. They can spend their time their way, doing things they will surely enjoy. We will also focus on specific areas of their interest and will try to help them be more creative in that. If your kid wants to try something new we will help them with it too.  Your child will learn and improve social life skills in our thriving, wonderful and artistic atmosphere at the camp.

Music and Theatre Camps Plano

Your child will learn to play new musical instruments. He or she will learn to be more proficient in acting, drama, theatre life. Yes, we will train them to be more expressive in their own way. Of course, our acting, music, drama or theatre camp programs will eventually make your child more confident. You will see him or her gaining new life skills. You will find a new change in your child for sure with new skills and a new attitude. Special classes in dance, music, singing, acting and various other arts activities will provide them the opportunity to showcase their talent. We will identify their hidden potential and will try to help them improve their skills so they can turn out to be genius in their artistic and music endeavors.

Our music or dance camp programs in Plano are all-comprehensive, offer beginners necessary foundation they may need, unique opportunities to improve and gain advanced skills like professional performers. Your child will take part in daily ballet, hip-hop, tap, jazz and various other forms of dances or non-dance movement styles, workshops, composition etc.

So, do not wait. Enroll your kid in of our Plano Summer Arts and Music Camps. Reserve place in our Arts and Music Camps in Plano for your kids today to avoid the last-minute rush.